Journal April 9-April 12--New Jersey

The Rain Monster
of the Pine Barrens

April 9 Toms River, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ
Our longest day, 68 miles! A huge tailwind through NJ Pine Barrens blew us south to Atlantic City, after a television interview with a great guy, Gary from Adelphia Cable TV. Our first rain of the trip came in early afternoon. Our Patagonia raingear worked great and we were comfortable even in the cool temperatures. The last few miles to the hotel were very windy and we were very tired. The Atlantic City Press stopped us for a photo and Patti's sister Linda escorted us to the Tropicana Casino where we were greeted by a TV crew and reporters. The management ushered us into the VIP lounge and treated us like celebrities. The kids enjoyed the pool and we had an incredible dinner. A huge thunderstorm beat against the windows of our suite and we all said , "wow, we could have been camping in the Pine Barrens!"

April 10 Atlantic City, NJ to Cape May, NJ
Patti's brother, Joe joined us for today's nostalgia ride through Ventnor and Patti's childhood hometown, Margate. We visited cousins and aunts and uncles and heard a lot of stories from the Gilmartin clan's youth. A noon visit to PCD participant, Dr. Frank Berzanskis was wonderful; his chiropractic skills had us singing down the boardwalk. By the time we got traveling, it was mid-afternoon and only the favorable tailwind brought us on time to the home of Patti's sister, Margie Franco, in Cape May. The feast she had prepared was fit for royalty.

April 11 Cape May, NJ to Bethany Beach, DE
Margie and Marty sent us off with lots of food and love. We waived goodbye to them from the deck of the Cape May, NJ - Lewes, Delaware ferry. A steady cold rain didn't slow us down but a stiff headwind did. Henry had a hard time keeping warm, so frequent stops (one in a Holiday Inn where we dried our clothes in the laundry room) meant that we only made it to Bethany Beach , DE, halfway to our destination of Assateague State Park. Just as well; we found a nice health food store and a motel room - much better than pitching our tent in a storm. Nice tandemists, Evan and Sandy and their daughter, Mallie shared the motel with us and we invited them to dinner in our kitchenette.

April 12 Bethany Beach, DE to Chincoteague, VA
The rain stopped, but a headwind slowed us. We got a lift the last few miles into Chincoteague from Joe Bernstein, the author of the children's book "Ghost Pony". Stephanie and Dean Kemmerer at the Beach Road Motel couldn't have made us more welcome, and gave us a house trailer for two nights, on the house! Ellie was excited to be in the town where the story "Misty of Chincoteague" took place, and frankly, so were Mom and Dad. Henry - all he was looking for was a round or two of miniature golf.

Dr. Donna Bischoff

Dr. Frank Berzanskis

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